Dalgona Teh Tarik

Teh Tarik is a popular beverage with Malaysians, and pairs well with the currently-trendy dalgona coffee cream to create a yin-yang of beverages.


    NESTEA® TehTarik Premix Powder
    NESCAFÉ® Classic Instant Coffee Powder
    Ice cubes


    1. Prepare the NESCAFÉ® Dalgona Coffee Cream by mixing 1 part coffee powder with 1 part water and sugar. Whisk until a creamy texture is achieved.
    2. To prepare the Teh Tarik, mix 21g of NESTEA® Teh Tarik Premix Powder with 150ml of warm water. Pour the mixture over a full glass of ice.
    3. Scoop the coffee cream onto the iced Teh Tarik, and enjoy!