Helping chefs be their most amazing

Amazing is the chef who is under constant pressure but still creates delicious dishes within tight budgets. Amazing is the chef who creates home cooked food in no time at all, making their customers feel entirely at home.

At MAGGI® we understand the constant pressure chefs are under. We create solutions to help chefs be, simply, the most amazing.

Assisting the amazing. Every day.



A versatile range of professional kitchen products

In 1886, Julius Maggi had a vision; good tasting food accessible to all. Today, more than 130 years later, this vision is alive and well, with MAGGI creating great food moments for your customers through our versatile range of products.

A trusted and reliable assistant in the kitchen, MAGGI has long provided efficient culinary solutions and easily implemented ideas, contributing to the creation of balanced, great tasting meals.

From bouillons and gravies to soups and sauces, as well as the products you need for meat, poultry, seafood and vegetarian dishes, experience MAGGI.