Rendang Sauce

This delicious is quick enough for midweek, ready quickly.


    240g MAGGI® Rendang Paste

    160g Coconut Paste

    280g Coconut Milk

    400ml Water

    140g Lemongrass (blended)

    60g Fresh Turmeric (blended)

    2g MAGGI® Chicken Stock

    4g Sugar 40g Turmeric Leaf (whole pieces)

    50g Cooking Oil 12g Lime Leaf


    1. Heat oil in pan. Sauté blended ingredients until fragrant.

    2. Add in water and MAGGI® Rendang Paste.

    3. Add in coconut milk, coconut paste, lime leaf and turmeric leaf.

    4. Season with MAGGI® Chicken Stock and sugar.

    5. Continue cooking until the sauce thickens.

    6. Remove the leaves before serving.