Nescafé Leleh

Sweet and delicious with overflowing froth. Surely a tantalising experience with every sip.


    Nescafé Classic: 2 teaspoons

    Condensed milk: 2 teaspoons

    Evaporated milk: 2 teaspoons

    Hot water: 150ml

    Ice cubes: 150g (approximately 2/3 of the glass)


    1. Prepare a glass of Nescafé Leleh by mixing 2 teaspoons of Nescafé Classic instant coffee, 2 teaspoons of condensed milk and 2 teaspoons of evaporated milk with 150ml of hot water. Stir well.
    2. To produce froth, mix Nescafé with a milk frother (hand or machine operated).
    3. Prepare a glass with ice cubes
    4. Pour Nescafé Leleh into the glass and fill the top of the glass with froth
    5. Ready to serve