Mango Burst

The juicy favours of fragrant mango and peach, blended with the citrusy goodness of lemonade, make the Mango Burst a great and refreshing beverage for any meal.


    NESTLÉ® Lemonade
    SJORA® Mango Peach
    Ice cubes
    Mango or Lemon Slices


    1. Dissolve a packet of NESTLÉ® Lemonade (360g) with 1L of water. Ensure it is well-mixed and dissolved.
    2. In the EZ Care mixing bowl, prepare 7L of cold or room temperature water. Pour the lemonade mixture and 200ml of SJORA® Mango Peach concentrate into the bowl, and allow the propeller to agitate the mixture well.
    3. Into a glass filled with ice cubes, dispense the mixture.
    4. You may garnish with mango or lemon slices before serving.