Butterflypea Flamingo Lemonade

As the newly launched Pink Lemonade makes its debut in the market, consumers can now experience how well it pairs with other ingredients such as butterfly pea flowers for a drink that both looks and tastes good.


    NESTLÉ® Pink Lemonade
    Dehydrated butterfly pea flowers
    Ice cubes
    Mint leaves


    1. Dissolve a packet of NESTLÉ® Pink Lemonade (200g) with 1L of water. Ensure it is well-mixed and dissolved.
    2. In the EZ Care mixing bowl, prepare 7L of cold or room temperature water. Pour the pink lemonade mixture into the bowl.
    3. Into a glass filled ⅔ with ice cubes, dispense 250ml of the mixture.
    4. Slowly pour 50ml of butterfly pea tea on top of the pink lemonade.
    5. Garnish with mint leaves before serving.