Put your culinary skills to "wok" and compete with the best for the top prize! Follow these steps to prep yourself and to video your awesome creation.

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Step 1: Prepare Your Recipe


MAGGI® Wok Bersamamu

Prepare your recipes in a Word document for the following categories:

  • One (1) appetizer (portion size: 4 pax; plating portion: 1 pax)
  • One (1) hot cooking main course (portion size: 4 pax; plating portion: 1 pax)

Ensure that the recipes for the dishes are Halal and do not contain any use of pork, lard or alcohol.

Each dish must include a minimum of one (1) Nestlé Professional MAGGI® product from the following:

  • MAGGI® Umami Cooking Sauce 580g
  • MAGGI® Rendang Paste 900g
  • MAGGI® Green Curry Paste 900g
  • MAGGI® Chef Master Stock 1.2kg
  • MAGGI® Oriental BBQ Sauce 1.2kg
  • MAGGI® Lime Seasoning Powder 350g
  • MAGGI® Mashed Potato 2.5kg/4kg
  • MAGGI® Demi-Glace Brown Sauce Mix 1kg
  • MAGGI® Cream of Mushroom Soup 1kg
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Step 2: Record Your Video

Make sure the voice recording is switched on.


MAGGI® Wok Bersamamu

  • Wear your chef jacket (black/white uniforms only)
  • Write your name in block letters on an A4-size paper
  • Ensure there's enough lighting in your work/kitchen area
  • Display the MAGGI® SKU/product prominently
  • Get a narrator to explain the cooking process (optional)
  • Videos can be in English, Bahasa Melayu or Mandarin


During Recording

MAGGI® Wok Bersamamu

  • Introduce yourself with your name displayed on the A4-size paper
  • Give a quick introduction of the recipes
  • Describe the first dish (appetizer) and the ingredients
  • Repeat the steps to introduce the second dish (hot cooking main course)
  • Explain clearly the preparation and cooking process of each dish
  • Ensure that the MAGGI® SKU/product can be seen in the video



Completing Video Recording

  • Record a full display of your two dishes together with the MAGGI® products used. End the video by announcing the contest tagline "MAGGI Wok Bersamamu" and #MaggiSapotChef
  • Edit the video to keep it within 3mins duration (file size less than 150mb)
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Step 3: Submit Your Dishes

Extended closing date of competition: 9 August 2020 (23:59:59 hrs)

Prepare the Word document containing the recipes, and the final video recording (up to 3 mins, less than 150mb) of your wonderful dishes!

  • Save the Word document recipe and video in a folder. Name the folder in this format: FIRST NAME-last 6 digits of your NRIC (e.g. MAZLAN-123456)
  • Upload the folder via WeTransfer. Copy the transfer link
  • Fill out your details on the registration page and click Submit
  • Share on your social media platform with these hashtags #NestleProfessional #NestleBangkitBersama #MAGGISapotChef


MAGGI® Wok Bersamamu