Our delicious plant-based HARVEST GOURMET™ range is here to delight your diners. Discover our tips on introducing HARVEST GOURMET™ into your menu.

Why include HARVEST GOURMET™ products on my menu?

Many people are opting for plant-based diets. More and more people are becoming flexitarian - choosing to reduce their meat consumption at some or even all of their meals. Adding HARVEST GOURMET™ to your menu offers you a delicious option that can cater for every diner’s preferences and needs.

Including our brand on your menu can bring sensational things:

  • No compromise on taste and texture
  • Drive footfall and demand
  • Premium positioning
  • Added loyalty
  • Brand materials to excite diners. Please GET IN TOUCH to receive further information

Here’s how to include our brand HARVEST GOURMET™ on your menu:

  • Create exciting dish names, using the most appealing language.
  • It’s all about taste! You could say it’s ‘delicious’, ‘tasty’ or even ‘sensational’.
  • Describe HARVEST GOURMET™ as ‘plant-based’. Please stay away from words such as ‘fake’ or ‘like meat’.
  • Plating is an important factor, plate plant-based dishes in an appealing way.

Here’s how to include the HARVEST GOURMET™ SENSATIONAL BURGER on your menu:

  • We always call it by its full name, the HARVEST GOURMET™ SENSATIONAL BURGER. Because that’s what it is!
  • Be positive. The HARVEST GOURMET™ SENSATIONAL BURGER is here to provide you and your diners with a wider choice of delicious menu options.

Sensational tips:

  • Make sure people know about your new plant-based options – use social media and HARVEST GOURMET™ communication materials.
  • Start by converting your diners’ favourite meat dishes like Chilli Sin Carne, Spaghetti Meatballs, Burgers and more.
  • Place plant-based options next to meat options so your diners can find them easily.
  • Offer samples – let people know how sensational the dish is.
  • Train your staff – the best ambassador is one that has tried and enjoyed your food.